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Rhodes Safari offers a fully professional hunting service. Our hunting related facilities include a slaughter room, cool room, equipped vehicles for tracking and spotting game.

Processing of the meat on Rhodes Safari.

Slaughter and Cold Room facilities

We have all the necessary equipment to refrigerate and pack your meat according to your needs.

Sunset at the braai area of Rhodes Safari.


We have a fully furnished farm house to accommodate our guests. In this lovely farm house you will feel right at home and you will get the necessary night's rest you deserve.

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Hunting Info

Rhodes Hunting:

Make a booking now! The prices are very affordable.

Blue Wildebeest.

Blue Wildebeest

The blue wildebeest, also called the common wildebeest, white-bearded wildebeest, or brindled gnu, is a large antelope and one of the two species of wildebeest. It is placed in the genus Connochaetes and family Bovidae, and has a close taxonomic relationship with the black wildebeest.



The common eland, also known as the southern eland or eland antelope, is a savannah and plains antelope found in East and Southern Africa. It is a species of the family Bovidae and genus Taurotragus.

Gemsbok (Oryx)


The gemsbok, gemsbuck or South African oryx is a large antelope in the genus Oryx. It is native to the arid regions of Southern Africa, such as the Kalahari Desert.



The kudus are two species of antelope of the genus Tragelaphus:

Lesser kudu, Tragelaphus imberbis, of eastern Africa. Greater kudu, Tragelaphus strepsiceros, of eastern and southern Africa.

Red Hartebeest

Red Hartebeest

The red hartebeest is a species of even-toed ungulate in the family Bovidae found in Southern Africa. More than 130,000 individuals live in the wild. The red hartebeest is closely related to the tsessebe and the topi.



The impala is a medium-sized antelope found in eastern and southern Africa. The sole member of the genus Aepyceros, it was first described to European audiences by German zoologist Hinrich Lichtenstein in 1812.



The springbok is a medium-sized antelope found mainly in southern and southwestern Africa.



The blesbok or blesbuck is an antelope endemic to South Africa and Eswatini. It has a distinctive white face and forehead which inspired the name, because bles is the Afrikaans word for a blaze such as one might see on the forehead of a horse.


Black Wildebeest

The black wildebeest or white-tailed gnu (Connochaetes gnou) is one of the two closely related wildebeest species.



The sable antelope is an antelope which inhabits wooded savanna in East and Southern Africa, from the south of Kenya to South Africa, with a separate population in Angola.

Cooling & Processing

Rhodes Cooling & Processing:

Processing of the meat at Rhodes Safari.

Cooling & Processing of the meat

Cooling Facilities

Processing of the meat


Fat, Casings & Spices

Processing possibilities:

Biltong, Steaks, Salami, Droëwors, Mince, Bierwurst, Braai Wors, Jagwurst.

Processing of the animals that was shot.


Fully furnished farm house that can accommodate 10 people.

The farm house has toilet, shower and bath facilities.


Braai facilities




Coffee, Tea, Sugar & Milk


Bring your own towels and toiletry.

Rhodes Safari logo.
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